Friday, June 14, 2013

Keeping Quotes...

So my kids really say some of the cutest, funniest things...and EVERYBODY always says I should "write that down!" So here's what I'm going to try to do - I will use my blog to randomly "keep quotes" as well as tell our stories. That way I can look back here and see some of the great things that i hope to never forget!
 Here it goes!...

Cayden, 4y/o. 6.14.13:
     Cayden: Mom, what's growing in that field over there?
     Me: Well, those are going to be beans. They are just starting to grow.
     Cayden: They can't be beans...they look too crinkly to be beans.  I think it's broccoli!
     Me: Broccoli?!?  That would be an awful lot of broccoli!  A whole field filled with broccoli??!
     Cayden: Yeah mom, that would be perfect!  Cause everybody in the whole world loves broccoli....
              except kids!!
Mya, 2y/o:
       My loves playing with dolls these days. She folds them up in blankets, rocks them to sleep, puts them to bed, reads them stories....and when her babies cry...I hear her say in her sweetest mommy voice..."You're fine, baby. No crying, cause you're fine!"

(oops!  Do you think it's because these words have come from my very own mouth?! (one too many times I'm realizing!!)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Let's play catch-up!

Before the weather started to get too cold, and before the snow began to fall, we spent a lot of time playing outside!  We played together outside, and when it got a little colder we came inside to play.  Cayden is always most excited this time of year because he knows that with the chill comes hunting season...and just like his daddy, he looks forward to it all year long!
 These two love to be outside, and are both such explorers! They are always looking for treasures, and ready to learn about new things in the outdoors. Cyle loves the fact that they're both such outdoor babies because that's where he'd spend all of his time too if he could!
 Mya has really been following Cayden around more and more as she gets older.  She looks up to him so much, and it warms my heart.  Cayden is so patient with her and has taught her so much.
 We carved pumpkins!
 We have story time!
Cayden is very creative, and is really an animal lover.  One day we had a cook-out, and as he waited for the grill to heat up, he dug holes and made zoo cages for a bunch of his pretend animals!  Adorable! He worked SO hard!

 Mya spent some evenings reading stories to her babydoll :-)
 We played in the leaves...
 and learned new things!
 And laughed a LOT!
We played...
 and watched...
 and smiled!
 Daddy shot a big buck this season, and he shared his accomplishment with his number one fan! With all that we have been through with Cayden, there was one thing that I think really helped Cyle cope.  He decided early on that he would try to mold Cayden into a great hunter, and a great fisherman.  He knew that sports and some other activities would never be an option for his son, and he accepted that.  Since Cayden has been old enough to understand, Cyle has been teaching him all that he knows about hunting.  And Cayden has embraced it all and truly enjoys it just as much as Cyle.  We've discussed what would happen if he just didn't like to do those things, or if he never became interested in them....we'd have to figure other options out.  But luckily, Cyle's dreams have come true so far, and he has the best hunting buddy a dad could ever ask for.  Cayden is really getting stronger and stronger every day, and if you ask him, he'll be as strong as daddy one day (brittle bones, or not!). It's an amazing bond.  I love these two...

 And who knows...he might even have 2 hunting buddies!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fair Rides and Fall Fun!!

We have had a great summer this year, really getting to know our Van Wert surroundings and trying to explore more and more of it each year.  Summer is quickly coming to an end and Fall in in the air here. This seasonal transition is always evident when the Van Wert County Fair comes to town!  We have gone to the fair for the last 5 years, and this year was no different. In the week leading up to the fair, we drive through town and see the fair rides and the concession stands going up...Cayden immediately knows the FAIR is coming!! 
Mya's new "excitement" face!
"We're going to the FAIR!!!"
"Can you believe it?!"

Last year, I let go just a little bit, and let Cayden ride the dragon roller coaster...but that was IT!  Even that made me nervous with him, so he really only rode it twice.  This year, there has been obvious changes in the way Cyle and I have been handling Cayden.  It will always be difficult, but as time goes by, we are really trying more and more to let him explore his own world, and set him free a little bit. So this year at the fair, we met up with our great friends to share a few rides!  Even Mya surprised me...I ended up buying both kids a ride wristband for unlimited riding!  They both loved it!!
 The dragon coaster was Cayden's Favorite!  He and his friends Hadley (2 rows back) kept getting off and running right back to the line to get back on!
 Mya loved the mini ferris wheel!
 Cayden said he "could see the whole world!!"
Then they jumped on the "Big Baby Swing!"  Hadley on the far left, and my two on the right!  Mya looked so small, but she really liked all the big rides!
See?! Smiles all around!
Another tell-tale sign that Fall is coming is the arrival of Cayden's favorite hunting season...
I think he and Daddy went out the very first evening it came in - Cayden even got a brand new squirrel call to help them get those little suckers!  He gets such a thrill out of it, and that just makes Cyle so happy!
 "Look Mama!!  Our first squirrel!"
  Even our little hunting dog Ringo had to get in on the fun!

"Yep!  I'm a HUNTER!!"

Chilly weekends are spent inside, doing fun activities like painting and Play-doh!

"Isn't Fall Fun, Mya Brynn?!"

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cayden goes to Preschool!!

It's official...My boy is going to school!
He has been waiting so patiently all year for this day to come, watching all the time for school busses, saying "Mama! There's my bus! Number eight!" He would make up a new bus number everytime, but he was sure that that would be his bus one day! And finally, August 23rd, was his turn!
We went to his classroom to meet his new teacher, Miss Rachel, a few nights prior...and this is when my anxiety was bumped up a few notches. I had been handling things so well, thinking 'this is finally it...look how far he's come!' But when I introduced myself and Cyle to Miss Rachel and the teacher's aide and began talking about some of Cayden's limitations....They had NO idea that Cayden had any special issues at all. I was mortified. Why did I fill out all of those papers including full health histories if this info wasn't even going to be passed on to his own teacher?!  And what if I never mentioned it at all that night?! Would she have ever known to take certain precautions??  
So we proceeded to hash it all out as best we could in a half hours time. NOT how I wanted this experience to go at all. 
So the next night, before his first day getting on the bus by himself, spending a full day with a bunch of other kids running around, a playground...I freaked out.  How could they possibly watch him during the day like we have for the past four years?? Have they ever heard of this disorder?? Will they take all the right precautions?!
So I cried. And I printed out information about OI to put in his folder to educate some of the staff. Then I cried some more. Then I called my mom. Then I went to bed early.
Cyle came into the bedroom and sat down next to me. He reassured me that Cayden was smart. That we've spent the last four years preparing for this, and that we've done a darn good job, and that Cayden will do just fine.  He reminded me that bones heal, and that we've all been through it before, and that if something happens at school we'll get through it again. And with that, I was calm. I slept well, and woke Cayden up in the morning to get ready - his excitement trumped my fears, and I smiled. He is smart. He does know what he can and can't do. And he is a good listener. And he will be okay.
So in the morning, we packed him a really good lunch in his new "Mad Birds" lunch box, put his Superman folder in this new Camoflauge backpack, and I borrowed Aunt BeBe's kissing heart idea, and drew a heart on Cayden's hand to remember I loved him throughout the day.
He was ready to go!
Even Mya got caught up in the excitement - early in the morning with her crazy hair! She wants to be just like her Big Brother!!
So then it was time.  We drove to the babysitter's house for his first pick-up to make sure things went smoothly!  Within 5 minutes, the bus was there and Cayden flew out of the van, gave me a quick smooch, and ran to the bus!  The bus aide even had to tell him to turn around and wave to me!  He was so, so excited.  And I felt relieved when he stepped on that bus. No tears from him meant that no tears were warranted from my eyes either.
And away they went! I kept Mya home with me that day - maybe for distraction...okay, probably!
We played all day, and had a lunch date!  Then waited until the bus would drop Cayden off at 4:15!

The bus drops Cayden off right in front of our house in the afternoon, so Mya and I set up some chairs in the front yard and waited! Then they arrived!  The aide walks him off the bus to me! 
 I got a quick kiss from him, but then he spotted his Little Sis!!  They both squealed and gave hugs and kisses!!  Adorable :-)
 Then he spotted his Daddy! He went running to give hugs!!
 He was exhausted, and a little ADD when he got home! Of course I tried to get it all out of him and all I heard was, "Mama, I regot (forgot) what we did all day!" I did ask him what his favorite part of the day was and I got a pretty great answer...
"I liked riding the bus best! And guess what mama...No Broken Bones!!"
I love him...and He loves school!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Happy Birthdays and Summer Fun!!

It has been a fun-filled summer at our house!  We've had pool fun, two birthdays, and lots of playtime!
My boy turned FOUR on July19th...
I can't believe it! 
For his birthday he got lots of toys for the pool, great gear for camping and fishing, and a 
NEW PUPPY!!  He named his Puggle Pup RINGO! 
Ringo and Cayden became fast friends...almost inseparable!
We had a little party for Cayden when Grandma was in town!
 "That's right! I'm 4 years old!"
 Aunt Amanda bought him a new fishing vest, complete with a canteen and guides for hunting, fishing and camping!  Such fun!
 This summer we've spent a lot of time playing out in the backyard....Cayden loves to play dinosaurs and to make his very own "habitats" for them to live!  I love the way this boy crosses his legs when he's playing or sitting around watching TV.  He's done it since he was very little, and it just melts my heart when I catch him like this....I know he does it when he's most content :-)
 Then HE turned into the Dinosaur!! ROARING out of his jungle and scaring all the little girls!!
Cayden has mastered dropping his drawers and letting it all out in the backyard...cause going in the house to pee just takes way too much time away from his playing!  Well, this summer, Mya has picked up on a LOT of Cayden's habits!  She wants to be just like her big she pulls her pants down...

 ...Holds onto her belly button... arches her back....and.....NOTHIN!
But she sure thinks she's doing just what he is!!  Hilarious. I had to teach her the difference between boys and girls...but this was too priceless to stop at the time!

 "Look mama!  I'm doin' it!"
Mya's birthday was August 17th! 
My BABY is TWO!!??! 
We had a little party for Mya when Meme was here, with Sarah and Molly too!!  I know Mya was so excited to have them here to celebrate with her! She got lots of great gifts too!
She's growing up so quickly, and has been doing lots of new things lately.  She's running around the house like a nut, speaking in full sentences, and doing lots of role playing with the 3 new babydolls she got for her big day!
 She has also decided to learn how to write like her big brother too!  She works a few nights a week on her letters!
 Such FOCUS!  I think I was interrupting her!
She's even learned how to drive!! How liberating!!
I just love these two!!

But they're growing so darn fast!