Friday, June 14, 2013

Keeping Quotes...

So my kids really say some of the cutest, funniest things...and EVERYBODY always says I should "write that down!" So here's what I'm going to try to do - I will use my blog to randomly "keep quotes" as well as tell our stories. That way I can look back here and see some of the great things that i hope to never forget!
 Here it goes!...

Cayden, 4y/o. 6.14.13:
     Cayden: Mom, what's growing in that field over there?
     Me: Well, those are going to be beans. They are just starting to grow.
     Cayden: They can't be beans...they look too crinkly to be beans.  I think it's broccoli!
     Me: Broccoli?!?  That would be an awful lot of broccoli!  A whole field filled with broccoli??!
     Cayden: Yeah mom, that would be perfect!  Cause everybody in the whole world loves broccoli....
              except kids!!
Mya, 2y/o:
       My loves playing with dolls these days. She folds them up in blankets, rocks them to sleep, puts them to bed, reads them stories....and when her babies cry...I hear her say in her sweetest mommy voice..."You're fine, baby. No crying, cause you're fine!"

(oops!  Do you think it's because these words have come from my very own mouth?! (one too many times I'm realizing!!)

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Diana Lesjak said...

Keep them coming!! It will make a great book!